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Quem Somos

mey-rah-kee [verb]. Greek

Doing something with soul, creativity, or love;

putting something of yourself into what you are doing.


We are a house of equities, 

your new independent asset manager

The founding partners established the business based on one common goal: doing what they most enjoy, putting a part of their souls into the project – the literal translation of the Greek word Meraki.


Our mission is to offer consistent returns to our customers, using intelligent solutions to preserve and appreciate their assets.

Our values


Meraki Capital offers a team formed of experienced professionals, from the main financial institutions in Brazil.
The assumption is to seek to achieve best performance by monitoring risks, focused on the gradual fulfillment of the customers’ dreams for their lives.

Get to know our team


Your assets are taken seriously


Trust in those who know how to navigate across this market. Invest with Meraki Capital.

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